At long last, here it is! Our first serious endeavour into membership outreach. For years now, the CNFC staff and board of directors have imagined and longed for an effective means of communicating with our customer/support base. Elinor Bazar, who designs and edits this E-News and is working on a companion website, was chosen recently to spearhead this effort and 'just like that' things are happening.

Look for member specific specials and various membership reward promotions. Enjoy natural health information from our on-staff Licensed Naturopath, Aditi Holden, local producer profiles, food politics news and updates, recipes from Cortes' own raw food expert, Tanya Krahn and features on new products in the store. And finally, clue into some of the finer details of running this operation - the rationale behind purchasing and pricing policies, the complexities of shipping and the surprising challenges inherent in local food promotion.

Thanks for all you are and do ~ Alex Hornby

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Every time you spend $25 or more at the Coop, you'll have the chance to win our monthly draw to receive a $50 Coop gift certificate and various fun and delicious prizes.

Just drop your receipt with your name and number into the box, and stay tuned to find out who wins in our monthly E-News. Thanks Cortes!

New: Bragg's Drinks & Happy Planet Soups!

Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing natural detox cleansing, healing, and energizing qualities. Hippocrates prescribed Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey for its health properties. Now you can enjoy Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 3 refreshing drink flavors - Ginger, Grape Acai, & Honey.

New Products

Happy Planet Soups use authentic recipes from around the world and 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives, significantly less sodium and fat then other soups and many are gluten free. Find them freshly sealed in the fridge.


Local Profile: Becca's Beans

By Becky & Scott Knutson

Becca’s Beans Coffee Roasterie is our small family owned and operated business right here on Cortes Island. Coffee lovers at heart, we realized that our desire for locally roasted coffee presented an opportunity to use our passion and participate in the local economy as well. We’ve been roasting coffee here for 2 years and have recently expanded sales to the surrounding islands and Sunshine Coast.

At Becca’s Beans, our passion is to discover the elusive sweet spot of every bean we encounter. We roast each batch by hand without the aid of computerized profilers. We match time and temperature to the progression of color and aroma, and adjust each batch individually to ensure perfect taste. We invite our customers to share in the Becca’s Beans experience, to sample the power of freshly roasted beans.

Stinging Nettle - Your Spring Tonic & Cleanser


Spring's favorite edible green started popping out of our forests and fields a while back --- a welcome relief as we move out of winter. Juicy Stinging Nettle leaves are historically known to be a spring tonic and cleanser. I have seen Nettles growing and used in many parts of the world- in Nepal I bought cloth spun from her fiber. Stinging Nettle's seeds, roots and even her sting are also known to be medicinal. Read more>>>

By Jeanette Aditi Holden, MA, ND

Recipe: Another Fab Way to Eat Kale

With all that great local Kale in the store here’s something I’ve been eating daily. 1 bunch kale chopped fine. Mix together 2 tbls raw tahini, 2 tbls miso, a few drops of sesame oil, two tbls hulled hemp seeds and roll in kale. Add some chopped apple for juicyness. YUM!

By Tanya Krahn

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