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Land purchase upcoming VOTE!

For the past several months, you have been hearing about the Co-op's ambition to purchase our 2.8 acre parcel of land in central Manson's Landing.  Owning this land will enable us to carry out necessary and expensive upgrades to our aging septic system, thus ensuring the  structural longevity of our Natural Food Co-op and the operation of a much-anticipated cafe.

To this end, we have worked very closely with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations over the past year, to outline and follow the numerous steps in the process of buying a School Board-owned land.  

We are pleased to have made such progress and the School Board is ready to sell at the market value of $203,000.  

To make this pioneering co-operative purchase, we need your vote.

From Monday March 28 to Friday April 1, we are asking for your member vote to borrow up to (but not more than) $300,000 for the purpose of land purchase and septic repairs.  With the revenue we generate from leases and our store, we can realistically and comfortably cover the monthly payments for such a mortgage.  

You will be able to cast your vote in the store or online (password to come) within the 5-day period of March 28 - April 1. All members who own a share can vote.  

The exact declaration for your vote will be as follows:
"I support the Co-op's option to borrow up to (but not more than) $300,000 for the purpose of land purchase and septic upgrade.  Yes / No."

Thank you so much for your patience and support in making this all possible.  These are truly exciting times!

**If you are receiving this Newsletter for the first time, please refer to past issues for more info. For additional info, please write ma.krista14@gmail.com.

Member Love

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who filled out a survey last month.

All your positive and constructive feedback will help us to fine-tune our uniquely groovy, sometimes quirky, small-time co-operative Island service.   

With Gratitude ~ Your Co-op Staff Members

Congratulations Christie!

Christie is the winner of our members-only draw and a gift basket valuing
$100. You could win too! Every time you make a purchase over $25, place your name & phone number on the receipt and into the box and we'll draw a name at the end of each month. Thanks Cortes!

Member SPECIALS on now!

Synergy Kombucha - Trilogy, Ginger & Multi-Green Flavours - Now $3.35+tax! (reg. $4.15+tax) - A fermented tea, Kombucha has been enjoyed for thousands of years and known for its many health benefits.  Delicately cultured for 30 days, Synergy Kombucha is raw, organic, and naturally sweet with no added sugars.  Pure goodness!

Nuts to You Organic Peanut Butter - Crunchy & Smooth - Now $4.15! (reg. $5.20) - For your PB&J, celery stick or cracker, stock up on this North American classic for you and your kids.

Squirrely Bread - Organic Sprouted Bread - Now $3.15 (reg. $3.95) - Great for sandwiches or a morning toast, this sprouted mostly organic whole grained bread is frozen fresh and comes in a certified biodegradable bag.

New Products - Gluten Free!

WildMan Ricing - Wild Rice -
Organically Grown in Manitoba's Northern Lakes and Waterways, Wildman Ricing Wild Rice has
a nutty flavor and is naturally gluten-free.

Amy's Gluten Free Rice, Beans & Cheese Burrito - Everything you like in her regular burrito, with a gluten-free wrap made from organic brown rice and chick-pea flours.

Premier Japan Organic Gluten-Free Sauces - Terriyaki & Hoison - Your favorite sauces for barbeque or grill, now gluten-free.

Recipe: Pancakes with Blackberry Fig Sauce

By Tanya Krahn

1/2 cup raw sprouted  pumpkin seed butter
2 tsp maca root powder
2 tsp ground hemp hearts (optional)
dash of cinnamon
1/2 cup ground golden flax seeds
2 tbls maple syrup
1/3 cup raw coconut butter

Process together into a dough and press into small patties about the size of dollar pancakes.
Keep warm by the woodstove or with a dehydrator.

Mix chopped figs and blackberries together. Blackberries can be frozen and will thaw into a nice sauce. A tbls of maple syrup can be added.

Spoon on top of warmed pancakes and go to heaven on the sugar shack train.....
Bon Appetit!

Claudia Raaen: Local Author

Local author, Claudia Raaen, has studied and worked in the intuitive and healing arts of Sacred Gardening, Breema® bodywork, West African drumming and dance for over 20 years.  Her passion, life practice and teaching within these arts synthesize in her book, The Art of Sacred Gardening: Creating Beauty and Abundance in Harmony with Nature.

In this beautiful photographic journey, Claudia provides a supportive framework for people to inquire into the deeper mysteries of Life and Self in the context of gardening. The activities offered are designed to awaken one's instinctual wisdom and inner knowing. Each activity builds on and informs the previous one as the reader, bit by bit, co-creates a Sacred Garden. The balance of being and doing is within each suggested activity. The photographs emanate Divine beauty and intelligence.

The Art of Sacred Gardening is not just for Gardeners.  Simply enjoying the photography and text is enough to take you into the Sacred Garden of your soul.  You will no doubt feel inspired to be more receptive, open and compassionate in your daily life.

Get to know our staff: Kelly Wand

How long have you been on Cortes?
I've lived on Cortes for 8 years, Hornby for 10 years before that. (Apparently, I like islands.)

How long have you been working at the Co-op?
Since 2004. I like meetings! Especially when they happen outside, in a circle on the grass, and include babies. I'm a founding member, and helped to hash out the mission statement, structure and intent that would ultimately support the development of this unique social and business model. Our original premises were a 20x20 apartment behind the Tak. We set up the retail displays on card tables and propped towers of boxed produce against freshly-painted walls. We couldn't decide on a name and asked for creative submissions. (My favorite was "Ed Dibble's Whole Foods Emporium".) The community came, purchased shares and wares in generous amounts, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What are your roles at the Co-op?
Ordering and receiving from Discovery Organics and a few smaller suppliers, repackaging bulk stuff and ringing groceries through the till... putzing on the computer at odd hours, copying out minutes and drafting policies and job descriptions for review at our monthly staff meetings. I'm also on the 2010/11 Board of Directors, very honored to be involved at such a dynamic time as we expand our physical premises and scope of service.  Read more!>>>

DVDs @ the Co-op!

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: new Woody Allen comedy
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: final film of the Dragon Tatoo trilogy
Howl: Allen Ginsberg and the Beat era
Catfish: Intriguing documentary about an online friendship
35 Shots of Rum: Lovely French film (and its not about alcohol!)
Mother and Child: Irene recommends this drama about adoption
Zeitgeist Moving Forward: Compelling documentary about global challenges.

Articles of Interest

The Global Food Crunch
Washington Post - Robert J. Samuelson
Here's a question about the Mideast turmoil for future historians: How much did food inflation contribute? We know some basic facts. Middle East countries import 50 percent or more of their wheat, a staple food for many. Beginning in mid-2010, world grain prices exploded. At $8.56 a bushel in February, wheat prices had doubled in eight months. Despite massive subsidies, some higher prices filtered through to consumers. Did that create a tinderbox for protest?  Read More>>>

Mass Honeybee Deaths Now Occuring Worldwide, says UN
naturalnews.com, Jonathan Benson
For several decades, colony collapse disorder (CCD) -- a mysterious condition where entire bee colonies die for seemingly no obvious reason -- has been inflicting bee populations across both Europe and the US.  Read More>>>