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Summer Hours start June 1st!

Suuuuummer time and the livin's easy! Shop your heart out from 9 am - 9 pm seven days a week beginning June 1st (our regular hours are 9 am - 8 pm;).  

  Co-op Votes YES to Land Purchase!

183 members voted in the March 28 to April 1, 2011 Special Resolution.  The Resolution was passed by 181 to 2 votes. Members consent to the Co-op borrowing up to $300,000 for the purpose of land purchase
and/or septic repair.

The Ministry or Education and School District 72 are still hashing out the final details of sale.  As always, stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for your vote of support! 


Plant for the Co-op!

Every year we are delighted to receive the bounty of our community's gardens.   Nothing can compare to Blue Jay Lake lettuce,  Linnaea's beans, Judy's greens, or Chris's roots; Romina's bounty, Freyja's finest, Chris's cukes, or Ron's kale. I am always amazed by all the  local growers here and what they can do with seed and soil. 

We would like to invite YOU to grow food for your community this season.   Buying local fresh produce is a priority for our store and every year we are able to provide abundant sales for our growers. We can never sell enough to supply the demand for local food. So this is a call for anyone with dirt and the desire to grow organic veggies. Plant for the Co-op, for your friends and community. For yourself and for our future. Power to the Peas!

Please contact me anytime, anywhere and we'll talk carrots. 

Your Local Producer Co-ordinator, Tanya

Congratulations Laura!

Laura Heslin is the winner of our members-only draw and a gift basket valuing
$100. You could win too! Every time you make a purchase over $25, place your name & phone number on the receipt and into the box and we'll draw a name at the end of each month. Thanks Cortes!

Member SPECIALS on now!

Vivani Organic Chocolate Couvertures baking chocolate - Dark & Milk-Chocolate... reg. $6.60 now $5.70! - For your baking pleasure, how about making brownies for your co-workers or friends?

Triple Jim's Black Currant Apple Juice... reg. $5.20 now $4.50! Pressed from fresh B.C. fruit, this juice is a rich and refreshing treat.  

Organic Meadow Butter 1lb salted or unsalted... reg. $10.75 now $9.30! - Take a butter price-break for a month and stock up! 

New Products - Baby wipes & Local Teas!

Broody Chicks 100% Natural / Fully Compostable Baby Wipes -
Chemical-free, fragrance-free, chlorine-free, these baby-wipes are
made from sustainable resources and are 100% natural and fully compostable. 80/pack.

LOCAL Kombucha Green Tea! - A fermented tea, Kombucha has been enjoyed for thousands of years and known for its many health benefits. Made by Co-op members Sheri, Jed and Emrys, this Kombucha is served in a 1-liter mason jar and contains instructions on how to use half of the beverage to make infinitely more kombucha on your own! 

LOCAL Alchemi Teas - Made with local and organic incredients by Co-op members Christy & Selin, these loose-leaf blended teas come in 3 uplifting flavours: Be Loved, Sweet Lucidity, Holy Simplicity.

RAW Recipe: Marinated Mushroom & Kale Salad

By Tanya Krahn

fresh kale chopped fine
grated carrots
sliced radishes
sliced cucumbers
cut celery

Slice shitake mushrooms and marinate in this combined sauce:
1/4 cup flax oil
2 tbls apple cider vinager
1 tbls nama shoyu (raw soy sauce)
juice of one orange
1 small clove garlic
heaping tablespoon sprouted raw almond butter
herbs of basil, oregano, thyme, and pepper

roll mushrooms in sauce and let sit for 15 minutes
pour on kale salad
top with hemp seeds and pistachios soaked for at least 1 hour

Bathe in the coming warmth of the sun and eat right from the bowl.

Youth Entrepreneur: Marie-Soleil Goulet

"My name is Marie-soleil.  I'm a local young artist and these are my skirt designs.  I learned how to sew from my mother and have since been inspired to make these flare skirts out of recycled fabrics.  I enjoy going to the local free-store & thrift shop to pick out various fabrics.  I especially love stripes, polka-dots, bright colors and special textures such as silk & rayon.  This is my way of giving old skirts, pants, dresses and even pajamas new life.  I want my skirts to inspire you to have fun, dress-up and dance!"

Marie-Soleil's gorgeous and fun skirts are available at the Co-op.   For your spring wardrobe or as a gift, this is a purchase to feel really good about - environmentally friendly and locally designed by our island's youth!

Get to know our staff:) Josée Gagnon

 How long have you been on Cortes and working at the Co-op?  Originally from Ontario, I've lived on Cortes since 1997 and began working at the Co-op during the Summer of 2005.

What are your roles at the Co-op?
Like many staff at the Co-op, I wear several hats.  I'm an Orderer, Receiver, Stocker, and I sort the pre-orders.   Recently I started unloading the truck, which has been a little dream of mine for a while!

What does the Co-op mean to you?
The Co-Op is meaningful to me as it is a beautiful service to the community and allows access to wholesome, fresh food! Every week, twice per week we are getting things brought to the Island- Wow! Also, I am very grateful and passionate about the pre-order aspect of the Co-Op. Most companies do not allow for perusal of catalogues, sales at such a nice low mark-up. As a worker, this is my favourite part of the week, loading entire caselots of goods onto the shelf and calculating the sweet-low mark-ups!

What is your favorite part of working at the Co-op?
I am so inspired to be part of the  Co-op, as a worker and a member. Living so close by is great!  I like that the Co-op is a business, yet also has other meaningful aspects to it as well. I love the whole idea of a community venture.  The Co-op is also a friendly place where we can see friends while we shop.

What are your other interests or hobbies or work?
My interests lie in the crafty life projects. Reading children's books to my kids and other kids is awesome! I enjoy dancing and deejaying on the local radio.

DVDs @ the Co-op!

Waste Land: Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary – Uplifting vision of transformative power of art and beauty of the human spirit. Set in the world's largest landfill near Rio de Janeiro, famous artist Vik Muniz photographs and befriends an eclectic band of "catadores" - pickers of recycable materials. Highly Recommended
Babies: Documentary follows four newborns from very different cultures. Beautifully filmed.
Inside Job: Oscar winner Best Documentary – the recent financial meltdown
Nowhere Boy: Reenactment of 15 year old John Lennon forming his first band and dealing with his real mother and the aunt who raised him. Highly Recommended
Get Low: dark comedy with Robert Duvall
My Year Without Sex: Australian comedy about a functional family. Recommended.
Untitled: Comedy about the pretentious art gallery world

A Shine of Rainbows: Shy orphanTomas arrives on Corrie Island in Ireland, hoping to adjust to his new family. Recommended and not just for kids
Secretariat: Based on true story about a famous racing horse.
Tangled: Disney's latest version of Rapunzel
Toy Story 3

Coming Soon: The King's Speech, Made in Dagenham, Somewhere, 127 Hours

Articles of Interest

Chernobyl Catastrophe: 25th Anniversary of the World's Worst Nuclear Accident
Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Amy Goodman interviews Dr Janette Sherman, and  Dr Jeff Patterson on the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident 25 years ago.  Read More>>>

Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto to Protect against Contamination
allgov.com, Noel Brinkerhoff
A coalition of organic farming interests have sued Monsanto in what they say is a preventive measure to stop the corporation from unfairly litigating them over the spread of patented seeds.  Read More>>>