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  Long-awaited Co-op Cafe & how you can help!

By Alex Hornby

Between publication of this newsletter and the next we will witness the opening of the long awaited cafe annex in the old Sunset restaurant space next door to the Co-op store.  It will likely be a soft gradual opening with assorted outfitting, decor refinement and landscaping projects carrying on all the while.  But soon enough the Cortes community will have a comfortable welcoming venue in Manson's Landing for lounging, socializing and dining on quality natural and organic fare that will be open everyday.  It will feature a stage for music and art performance nights, sitting areas along with dining tables and counters, an espresso machine, juice bar and a deli case stocked with snacks, entrees, salads and desserts made both by our chef and food service manager, Kali Saltibus, and by enterprising local producers. Sounds good, eh?

Ok...So now let's find a way to pay for it.  The Cortes Natural Food Coop took on this endeavour less from a place of wanting to seize upon a business venture opportunity at a time when our operating capital is stretched by other projects, but rather much more from a sense of responsibility to fulfil what we perceived to be a significant community need.  We didn't want to see the island go through another winter with nowhere open evenings and non-mail days.  This new food service adjunct (it needs a name, folks!) to the Co-op is designed to stand on its own and be self supporting once it opens. But the start up dollars and money to fix the major structural problems underlying this half of the building we inherited have to come from somewhere.  The loan we are arranging with Van City Credit Union is earmarked for the land purchase and septic upgrade.  

Getting this space up and running is the Co-op store's gift to Cortes Island. And the store is only able to give to this project because of your continued loyal support and patronage and because a few community members have 'given' to the Co-op in the form of large pre-purchase accounts*.  Outside of straight donations pre-purchase is the best way to help the Coop with available operating capital.  This is how we managed to keep our borrowing to a minimum during our founding years.  We are hoping for a few more community members to come forward with significant pre-purchase to help us with the acquisition of needed kitchen equipment.  If you are able to help or have questions about how pre-purchase works, please talk to Krista or Alex.  

Also similar to our founding years, cafe staffing will initially consist of volunteers to help keep costs low and establish a solid finanancial ground. If you're interested in volunteering, please be in touch with Kali asap.  

And finally, we are gratefully accepting donations for decor, specifically throw pillows, cushions, and fabrics that have reds and burgundies and that may be Indian or Moroccon in style.  Please connect with Kali or drop them off at the Co-op this month.

Thank you for all you are and do for community. Stay tuned for updates.

*What's a pre-purchase account? A lump sum of money paid to the Co-op which serves as credit towards the member's future purchases.  

Name the new cafe CONTEST!

Cortes, this is YOUR cafe and we want to hear your ideas for an awesome name. If yours is chosen as the best, you will enjoy a meal for 2 and the legacy of naming this new community enterprise.  So dream somethin' up, whether silly, sophisticated, or outrageous, and drop off your best shot at the Co-op's counter until June 14th.  Thanks for playing with us!

LOCAL Produce Available NOW!

Wild Oyster Mushrooms
Salad Mix

If you have any surplus produce for your community, please call Tanya @935-8577 for info about selling at the Co-op.

Congratulations Janet!

Janet Turpin is the winner of our members-only draw and a gift basket valuing
$100. You could win too! Every time you make a purchase over $25, place your name & phone number on the receipt and into the box and we'll draw a name at the end of each month. Thanks Cortes!

Member SPECIALS on now!

Yu Basmati Original Rice Beverage - Only $2.15! -
Stock up on this thirst-quenching milk alternative. Easily digestible and has no sugar added.

Sunflower Kitchen Jeruselum Humus  - Only $3.20! With crackers or as a veggie dip, this rich and creamy spread is low in fat and full of nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamin C.

Sunflower Kitchen Babaghanouj - Only $3.20!. A middle eastern eggplant spread, versatile, rich and smoky in taste.  

New Products - MORE COCONUT!

Organic Live Coconut Water & Meat - Unpasteurized & freshly frozen.  This coconut water is so high quality your body will thank you.  Find it in the back freezer.

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water with Aloe Vera - This tasty coconut water is exactly like you'll find in Thailand.  Aloe vera for added health benefit and smooth flavour.  Available in the produce fridge.  

Did you know that Coconut Water contains organic compounds with health promoting properties?  They are known to help:

~Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature
~Re-hydrate the body, it's an all natural isotonic beverage
~Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
~Cleanse digestive tract
~Naturally replenish the body's fluids after exercise
~Boost immune system
~Balance pH
~Raise metabolism
~Boost circulation
~Promote weight loss

RAW Recipe: Cauliflower w/Pine Nut Cheeze Sauce

1/2 cup pine nuts
1/2 chopped red pepper
1/2 clove garlic(optional)
2 tbls flax oil
salt and pepper
2 tbls water
blend in a high speed blender

pour onto chopped cauliflower, pitted herbed olives and pecans and roll away mix until coated.

This can be warmed in the deyhydrator for 20 minutes or in the sun in a steel bowl.
Place on top of fresh greens and avocado.

Get to know our staff - Jasmine :)

 How long have you been on Cortes and working at the Co-op?  I came from Nova Scotia to Cortes in November, 2004, and have been working at the co-op since August, 2005. 

What are your roles at the Co-op?
Cashier, freight receiving and pricing/sorting. Janitorial, a weekly trip to the free store! And  general customer service. 

What does the Co-op mean to you?
The Co-op means alot to me! To name a few... It means year-round part-time employment. A fun working enviroment. An opportunity to connect with my colorful community.  And to be part of a large group of members and staff who are dedicated to supporting local people and products, and doing our best to choose earth friendly organic products from the rest of the planet.

What is your favorite part of working at the Co-op?
Hands down, my favorite part of working at the co-op is the people!

What are your other interests or hobbies or work?
My interests mostly have to do with people and trying to make a positive difference for one person, even if it's only for one minute.  This includes cutting mens hair, I would love to have a old school barber shop someday. And/or to do home care for the elderly or work in paliative care again. At the moment my work consists of a little bit of private housecleaning and a bit of landscaping. And of course the co-op!   

DVDs @ the Co-op!

The Human Resources Manager: Set in modern-day Israel and Romania, Irene highly recommends this drama from the director of Lemon Tree.

Colours of the Mountain: Little soccer-loving boy in Columbian mountain village is determined to retrieve his new soccer ball that landed in a minefield.

Made in Dagenham: Based on the true story of how women in a UK auto factory fought for equal pay in 1968. Sally Hawkins is a wonderful heroine.

Cyrus: Excellent comedy-drama about codependency and full of surprises.

Hereafter: Clint Eastwood successfully intertwines separarate stories: a reluctant psychic, a kid who's lost his twin brother, a reporter who survived an earthquake...

Summer Wars: Best recent Animé from Japan. Even if its not your usual genre, check it out: very original.

Blue Valentine: Brilliantly acted drama about the arc of a love story.

127 Hours: Utah hiking survival tale based on true story from director of Slumdog Millionaire

Coming Soon: Biutiful, Another Year

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