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Fresh & Organic Dinner served nightly!

Every evening the Co-op Cafe offers a gourmet dinner entree prepared with the store's freshest ingredients.

Call ahead to find out the night's special or be surprised.

Enjoy a cold BC-brewed organic beer or wine with your meal for a truly complete dining experience.

For the affordable price of around $10-12, there's no reason not to treat yourself:)

Specials on NOW!

Sobaya Kamut Soba Noodles - $3.10! (reg.$3.90) - An excellent substitute for wheat intolerance and a high source of protein, minerals & amino acids.Smooth and tasty.

Pearl's Perogies - $5.90! (reg.$7.40) - authentic, homestyle perogies using only the freshest local ingredients like BC grown potatoes, real cheddar cheese, and fresh cottage cheese. Delicious & convenient!

Halvah Chocolate - $1.50 +tax! (reg.$1.90+tax) - for your snack on the go or to share.

New products!

Tony Clark's Local Honey - Made from the forests & gardens of Cortes Island.  Honey has never been sweeter.  Comes in a classic honey bear bottle:)

Amazing Grass Green Superfood
- A superior blend of superfoods. This all natural drink powder supports body alkalinity, boosts energy and immune system, and is vegan and gluten free.

Healing Bliss Aza's Bug Repellant - Are summer's mosquitos getting you down?  This product receives great ratings for keeping bugs away.  100% natural.

LOCAL Produce Available NOW!


& other fresh daily offerings

If you have any surplus produce for your community, please call Tanya @935-8577 for info about selling at the Co-op.

Local Profile:  Cortes Fruit!

By Mary Clare Preston & Bill Wheeler

Our orchard project started out sixteen years ago as a tree nursery. Inner Coast Nursery focused on heritage and coastally adapted varieties of fruit trees and intended to act as a genetic reservoir of locally valuable fruit varieties. For a number of years now, as Cortes Fruit, we have been working to maintain that collection of trees as we put energy into developing a more production oriented orchard.

We work toward growing high quality fruit for local consumption. From July through November we harvest about seventy varieties of apple, some propagated from Cortes Island homestead orchards, each with its own unique flavour, esthetic and tree characteristics. We bring our fruit to the local stores and to the Friday market at Manson’s Landing to show, invite people to taste, and of course to sell.

Our orchard is still growing. We are steadily planting out young trees and many of our trees are just starting to come into bearing. We are propagating a small but increasing number of trees to sell each year. We also offer custom propagation; we’ll grow you a specific tree or graft additional varieties onto your existing tree.

It is incredible to think that each variety has survived through sometimes hundreds of years because the apple growers graft one tree to the next to the next to the next through time. One of our oldest varieties is the Royal Russet earliest recorded in 1567 England. Another is Rhode Island Greening – 1650 and another is Snow – parent of MacIntosh from the 1600s in Quebec.

We offer occasional classes and workshops on pruning, grafting, or other aspects of orchard care. We do consulting and can help you with planning, planting, and maintaining your orchard. When we bring our fruit to the Co-op we send a card too that offers a bit of a story about where that variety originated and what the flavour is like. We hope you enjoy our fruit and make an effort to eat locally and seasonally.

RAW Recipe: Summer Lasagne!

By Tanya Krahn

1 very big local zucchini and one smaller pretty yellow one
thinly strip with a peeler or mandolin
lay overlapping the edges with a little hanging over the lasagne pan's top rim and line the bottom over top the edged ones.

2 bunches rainbow chard chopped small
3 orange peppers chopped small
1 leek diced
10 shitake mushrooms diced

roll in sauce of 
1 cup soaked sundried tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
2 fresh tomatoes
half an onion chopped
fresh cilantro, basil and thyme
2 dates

process in a processor to a sauce

press a layer of pumpkin seed cheese on the bottom on top of the zucchini strips.
1 cup soaked pumpkin seeds (overnight)
1/2 cup soaked macadamia nuts (overnight)
1 glove garlic
salt and pepper
 lemon juice from one lemon
process to a cream cheese

press the veggie mixture rolled in sauce on top

keep the pretty yellow strips for the top layer then fold the overlapping edges of the bottom zucchini over top to keep the middle covered.

press a crumble of soaked macadamia nut, brazil nuts, hemp seeds and sea salt on top
this can be done in a processor as well.

just another thing you can do with those zucchinis!

Staff Profile: We'll miss you Amiti! 

How long have you been working at the Co-op?  I've been living on Cortes for 15 years and working at the Co-op for 5.

What are your roles at the Co-op?
I work behind the till, do a bit of ordering, and take care of the items on consignment.

What does the Co-op mean to you?
The Co-op is certainly more than a store.  In addition to providing healthy, environmentally friendly & local products, we are a social hub, a messaging center, a drop-off and information center.  I like to be in the middle of it all, and always love coming to work.

What is your favorite part of working at the Co-op?
The people! I love interacting with the customers at the till, as well as being part of the great co-op staff.

What are your other interests or hobbies or work?
I have a small business, where I create hand-died, & hand printed clothing using designs from nature.

Why are you leaving us?  Do you have any parting words?
Ben, Sacha and I are moving to Campbell River so that Sacha can attend the Francophone school there.  We have our place at Tiber Bay so that we will still be a part of this wonderful community.  I will miss working at the Co-op.  It's a great resource for our community, and I will miss being a part of it.

Thank you for your years of dedicated service, Amiti!  We wish you and your family great joy and abundance on your new journey!

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