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July's Member Specials!

Ecos DetergentEcos Magnolia & Lily Liquid Laundry Detergent (2.9L)
Now $12.79! (Reg. $15.89)
 This concentrated liquid laundry detergent is an environmentally responsible product made with all natural essential oils and a coconut oil based fabric softener. It takes only 1.5oz to clean a full load of laundry. Learn more >>>

Cacao Camino

Cuisine Camino Semi-sweet Baking Chocolate (200g) -
Now $3.99! (Reg. $6.80)
 This premium quality chocolate has a rich and sophisticated taste that will make your homemade treats unforgettable. Made with 56% cacao, it is certified organic, fairtrade certified and certified kosher. It's sold in 100g bars with 2 bars per box. It's perfect for baking summer treats.
Learn more >>>

Happy Planet Foods


Happy Planet Lemonades (1.89L) - Now $4.49! (Reg. $5.30) Happy Planet Foods, located in Richmond, BC, has been around since 1994. They support sustainable family farming: over 70% of the fruit and vegetables they use are organic, and over 85% are family farmed. The original and raspberry flavours are on sale this month, certified organic and just in time for summer! Learn more >>>

Bakery News

The Co-op Bakery and Coffee Bar is Open!

Bakery OpeningThe bakery will be open every day of the week through the summer season, from 9am to 4pm.

We will have Breakfast and Lunch Specials every day! We will also offer custom baked goods through pre-orders. If you're having a party or any type of event, we can bake cookies or bread for you – or even make a custom cake! Just ask us.

So stop by, pick up your favorite drink or baked treat, and enjoy your Co-op's Bakery and Coffee Bar!

We will offer the following drinks:

♦ drip coffee
♦ specialty coffee (extra shots/organic milk/non-dairy alternative available)
♦ hot chocolate
♦ sodas and spritzers
♦ coconut water
Gluten Free Bread
We will offer the following baked goods:

♦ a variety of breads (gluten free, seven grain, rye, etc.)
♦ a variety of special breads (challah, baguettes, etc.)
♦ a variety of sweet breads (banana bread, etc.)
♦ bagels
♦ cookies
♦ muffins
♦ scones
♦ croissants
♦ fruit or brownie bars
♦ energy balls

The Li'l Community that Could 

 On Thursday evening, July 5th, the Cortes Natural Food Co-op Board hosted a Special Resolutions meeting at Manson's Hall. After much discussion, distribution of financial details and idea-sharing, the members present unanimously passed a resolution to borrow money and obtain credit from Vancity Savings Credit Union up to the principal amount of $235,000. This will enable CNFC to complete the land purchase, possibly as early as September.

Next, the members unanimously voted to re-instate the Annual Operational fee, starting immediately. This means that you will soon be asked to become up to date in these membership dues by paying a mere $20! You will be issued a membership card at this time.

The Co-op's Annual General Meeting is Tuesday, August 14th, 7pm at Manson's Hall. The Board is interested in welcoming anyone to join the board who has time, committment and ideas on how to keep moving ahead. If you think this might be you, please send an email stating your interest.

Our Bi-Monthly Member Draw!

Our bi-monthly draw continues! This month, congratulations to Diane Duplessis and Ralph!! They were both winners of last month's draws for a $25 gift certificate, a free movie and a basket of assorted gifts. You could win, too!

Every second Friday, we draw names. If you're a member, write your name and phone number on your receipt of over $25 and put it into the beautiful and colourful box with happy faces all over it. Thanks Cortes!

Locally Produced Food

Romina Wendell - parsley
Judy Khemchand - salad mix
Reef Point - kale, garlic & new potatoes
Jocelan Coty - wild spinach & raspberries
Linnaea Farm - sugar snap peas, basil, broccoli, lettuce, & cheddar cauliflower
Blue Jay Lake Farm - lettuce, mibuna, cauliflower, snow peas, beets, garlic scapes, strawberries & eggs

Local Greens

Communications Committee Recommendations


A small independent group of Co-op members and staff submitted this document to Board and staff recently, in the spirit of improved relationships and Co-op health. Their efforts are appreciated.

"Over the course of several meetings, members of the informal co-op communications committee have drafted a set of recommendations. If implemented, we feel these recommendations would help the co-op thrive financially and culturally and improve the working environment for the benefit of the board, staff, and membership..."

These recommendations have been uploaded to our website. Learn more >>>

Staff Profile: Eric

EricHow long have you been working at the Co-op?  
I started at this co-op at the beginning of June. I first joined a food co-op back in 1997. It was called Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe, Arizona. I volunteered there as a writer for the newsletter and as a helper in the co-op's small library.

We became members of the Cortes Natural Food Co-op in late 2007. We lived here for a couple of months at the end of 2007 as well as another five months in 2008. We moved to Bellingham, Washington, and then I worked at the Community Food Co-op for the past three and a half years. But now we're back on Cortes and so excited to be here!

What are your roles at the Co-op? 
I am the General Manager, and so far I've done a bit of everything – just like the rest of the staff. I immediately became involved in the POSIM system when I arrived because that was one of my specialties at the co-op in Bellingham. However, I am also responsible for the daily operations of the store and the bakery/coffee bar including the staff, the finances, and the building and equipment. I will also be leading our marketing and membership activities. So I expect to continue to be involved in just about everything – even doing the dirty work (I've already been in the crawl space under the building a couple of times!).

What do you like most about working at the Co-op?
Meeting all of the people! Cortes is a great community, and we're so glad to be here. At the Community Food Co-op in Bellingham, we used to say that “food is our middle name but community comes first” and that sums up my perspective on co-ops. The staff are outstanding as well, and I'm honored to be a part of such a fine group. Of course, I also enjoy the good food that we provide. I especially like to see the food that's grown or produced on the island – the quality is amazing – and it's so encouraging to help our local economy thrive.

What are your other interests or hobbies or work?
I enjoy spending time with my family the most – my wife and two young children. We also have extended family on the island, and we know many other families from our previous time on Cortes and have enjoyed seeing all of them.

I must admit that I'm also interested in computers and networking although that's more of a professional activity. I also like playing in the community soccer games. I like to spend as much time as I can outside – hiking, canoeing, or riding my bike. If I had any extra time for anything else (perhaps that will happen next winter), I would do some reading – about spirituality, science, or philosophy.

What does your ideal Co-op look like?
My ideal co-op is full of conversation and laughter. One of the best parts of a food co-op is that you never know exactly who you're going to see, but you know that you'll see someone you know – and then you end up doing more chatting than shopping! My ideal co-op is also bright and cheerful – colored by the beautiful produce as well as the arts and crafts of our local artists. Great people, great food, and a great atmosphere – that's my ideal co-op.

Recipes for Locavores

Baby Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette*
Serves 4

Spinach Salad There are few things in life better than a freshly picked strawberry, still warm from the sun’s rays and exploding with red juicy sweetness. Eaten all on their own, straight from the fields or with a dollop of soft cream, there’s not much that needs to be done to highlight their flavour.

When they’re in season, I say jump on them and find as many ways as possible to get them into your belly. This salad is your double hit - blended in the vinaigrette and scattered throughout a salad of tender baby spinach.


8 cups baby spinach
2 cups sliced strawberries
cup toasted pecans
cup soft goat cheese, crumbled


1 cup fresh strawberries
2 Tbs balsamic vinegar
⅓ cup loosely packed basil
tsp salt
tsp black pepper
cup olive oil

To make dressing, combine all ingredients in the blender except the olive oil, blend until smooth. With blender still running, slowly drizzle oil in to emulsify. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Toss spinach with just enough vinaigrette to lightly coat and top salad with strawberries, pecans and goat cheese. Drizzle extra vinaigrette around plate if desired.

*The recipes you find here are a teaser for the upcoming second edition of Hollyhock Cooks, to be released Spring 2013. 

Cooks Cooperative.jpg

This recipe was provided by Cook's Cooperative.

Local Profile: Reef Point Farm

A family operated farm for over 38 years at the South end of Sutil Point Road. We mainly produce tree fruits for sale - apples, plums and cherries (when the birds leave us some). Reef Point CherriesPlans are afoot to net the cherry trees next year to foil them.

On principle, we farm organically, even though we are not certified. No chemicals or sprays of any sort are used on the farm. Just seaweed, compost, chicken manure, and Dolomite lime.

We have had a modest flock of around 40 totally free range laying hens with farm sales of extra eggs. The flock is to increase by 100 this month and the additional eggs will be coming to you through CNFC.

We are getting an apple juicing machine from China and will be juicing our own extra apples and custom juicing for others on Cortes.

Best wishes from Reef Point Farm for the continuing success of the Cortes Natural Food Co-op.

Ginnie, Bruce, Mark, David, Katie, Angus and Ezra.

DVDs at the Co-op

Please return your movies on time; our fellow Co-op members are waiting for them, especially the new releases. You owe $1.00 per day per DVD for every late day. If you are not sure, ask the staff to check whether it's overdue.


We Need to Talk about Kevin: This suspenseful psychological thriller explores the fractious relationship between a mother and her evil son. Tilda Swinton, the mother, received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Nature vs. nurture is taken to a whole new level. Official trailer > > >

The Horse Boy

The Horse Boy: Texas couple and their autistic son trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia seeking healing for him: part travel adventure, part insight into shamanic healing and part intimate look at the autistic mind. Official trailer > > >

The Artist

The Artist: Winner of this year's Oscar for Best Film, The Artist is a love letter and homage to classic black-and-white silent films.
Official trailer > > >


The Secret World of Arriety: New animated family film from Studio Ghibli: a human boy secretly befriends a tiny Borrower little person who lives beneath the floorboards. Official trailer > > >


Pina: Many of you have requested this one, and it will arrive mid-July. Wim Wenders' documentary about contemporary dance: the unique and inspiring art of German choreographer Pina and her troupe. Official trailer > > >

Blu-Ray Discs? So far, all the discs in the rental collection are DVDs and nobody has requested that we carry Blu-Ray discs as well. Just out of curiosity: Do you have a Blu-Ray player? Would you rent Blu-Ray discs if they were available? Send feedback to Irene.

Articles and Links of Interest

How to Store Produce Without Plastic
Crystal Cun, Fresh
This is a great blog entry that breaks it down: how best to store a variety of veggies and fruits without adding to the waste problem. Take a look at these ideas for creative and waste-free ways to extend the life of your produce, in and out of the refrigerator. Learn more >>>

Berries May Preserve Memory
CBC News
Eating berries often may help slow age-related memory loss, a new U.S. study suggests. Women with the highest intake of blueberries or strawberries showed about 1.5 to 2.5 years of delays in cognitive aging such as thinking, remembering and reasoning abilities. Learn more >>>

The Role of Pure Water in Detoxification
P.F Louis, Natural News
On Cortes Island, we're lucky to not have to drink chlorine and flouride. However, this article has something for everyone interested in clean water: how much water we need to be drinking, the best kind of water - and how to get it if you don't have it. Learn more >>>

Nadine Artemis

Successful Self-Dentistry: 8 Simple Steps
Nadine Artemis, Natural News University
Incredibly simple tips for natural self-dentistry that promotes an alkalized mouth with healthy gums.
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SOLEfood Farm Urban Farmers work with Michael Ableman
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