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Member Specials May 8 - May 21

Santa Cruz

Simply Natural Salsas (470ml) - Now $2.39! (Reg. $3.59)
A salsa we all know and love by now. Chunky mild, medium and pineapple on sale, plus the black bean & corn.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Apple Juice (2.84L) - Now $9.99! (Reg. $12.19)
Juice made from ripe, whole, organic apples. Goodness to the core! Learn more >>>

Nut Thin

Blue Diamond Nut Thins (120g) –
Now $2.49 (Reg. $3.49)

Delightfully crunchy, perfect for loading with topping, so tasty and 100% gluten free.
Learn more >>>

Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey Coconut Water With and Without Pulp (520g) -
Now $1.99! (Reg. $2.79)

Sustainably sourced and harvested in SE Asia, Blue Monkey coconut water is a natural 'isotonic' -- high in natural mineral and electrolytes.
Learn more >>>Biotta

Biotta Organic Carrot Juice (500ml) -
Now $4.35! (Reg. $5.35)

100% natural, not from concentrate, excellent source of Vitamin A, and no sodium or sugar added!
Learn more >>>


Camel Brand Halvah Bar (85g) -
Now $1.49! (Reg. $1.99)

Made from pure ground sesame seed, the Halvah bar contains no granulated sugar, no hydrogenated fats or oils, and has zero trans fats. Learn more >>>

Locally Produced Food

Brig Weiler - rhubarb
Myann Woolley - kale
Reef Point Farm - eggs
Gary Block - garden bunches
Judy Kemchand - seeds, salad mix
Blue Jay Lake Farm - onion, eggs, kale
Graeme and Tamiae - cilantro, salad mix
Linnaea Farm - salad mix, spinach, radishes, leeks
Local Kale - photo by Coreen B.

Our Bi-Monthly Member Draw!

Our bi-monthly draw continues! We had 2 winners! Congratulations to the Barbara Buffington and Heather McKenzie. They were both winners of last month's draws for a $25 gift certificate, a free movie and a basket of assorted gifts. You could win, too!

Every second Friday, we draw names. If you're a member, write your name and phone number on your receipt of over $25 and put it into the beautiful and colourful box with happy faces all over it. Thanks, Cortes!

Store Happenings

Working with Worms

This is a workshop sponsored by the Co-op and presented by Mario.

Saturday, May 11th
1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Meet in the Co-op Café.
Learn about using worms in your compost for the benefit of your garden.

La Boulange Bread Pre-ordersLa Boulange Bakery

Stop by the member centre and pick up a pre-order form for La Boulange bread. Fill out your form, take it to the till, and pay for it. Then pick it up when it's delivered to the Co-op.

Here's the schedule for the month of May:

Thursday, May 9th: Pre-order period opens – members can start placing pre-orders.
Thursday, May 16th: Pre-order period stops – all orders must be in by then.
Thursday, May  23rd: Members can pick up the bread and take it home.

Click here for the bread menu.

Calling All Craftspeople & Artisans
Art Work
The Cortes Natural Food Co-op would like to resume the tradition of offering local artisanal and craft items for sale; we hope to start in late May.

We'd like to invite all local artists and craftspeople to come by the store or visit our website to review our proposed consignment policy and give us feedback. We have made some changes that we hope will make it easier for consignment sellers (and the store) to keep track of their sales.

This year, each artisan or crafter will be given their own PLU (an inventory ID number) for tracking their items. At checkout time, this code will accurately identify the artist/crafter and, at the end of each month, our new POSIM can generate correct statements showing which items (and how many) have sold and what is owed to the artisan. To find out more about this new feature, and our proposed terms and conditions, please drop by the store and ask Kelly or Eric for a copy of our consignment policy!

We are excited about once again offering local Cortes crafts and art to our friends and neighbours, as well as to our summer visitors. An attractive display space at the front of the store will showcase your beautiful items. We hope you'll come in and sign up to sell your stuff at the Co-op!

New Hours for Spring!

Beginning May 6th, the store will be open until 8:00 p.m. in the evenings! The store hours are:

Monday through Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

And, beginning May 15th, the bakery and espresso bar will be open 4 days a week and open an hour earlier!

Wednesday through Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Café & Bakery Events This Month

Pizza Nights - Every Friday Night Starting May 10th!

We will offer the following kinds of pizzas:

Cheese: $12.00 – feta, mozzarella, and parmesan
Vegetarian: $15.00 – pesto, caramelized onion, red            pepper, olives, feta, and mozzarella
Hawaiian: $15.00 – mozzarella, ham, and pineapple
Meat: $18.00 – mozzarella, caramelized onions, mushrooms, ground beef, bacon

Gluten-free: You can also order any pizza with a gluten-free crust ($2.00 more per pizza).

Call or stop by the Co-op and place your order any time on Thursday or before 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Then come and pick it up between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Friday night, and take home a hot tasty pizza! We'll also have drinks and desserts, too.

Call us at 250-935-8577 if you have any questions.

Open Mic Night - Switching to Thursdays for the Summer Open Mic Night

Another open mic night at the Co-op! This month, the Co-op Bakery & Espresso Bar will host an open mic on Thursday, May 23.

Come at 6:00 p.m. for some food and drink, and the mic opens up at 7:00 p.m. Food and drinks available throughout the evening.

Bring Us Your Smoothie Recipes! Smoothie

That's right - the Co-op Bakery & Espresso Bar is going to start serving smoothies! And we need your help.

Bring us your favourite smoothie recipes, and we'll see if we can use them - this is a great way to contribute to the development of our cafe. We like to hear your ideas.

To send in a recipe, email Eric Hargrave.

Co-op Land Visioning

We are ready to take the next step in our "Co-op Land Visioning," following up from our previous event in October.

We will be hosting a World Cafe event to capture more of your ideas about how you'd like to see this land used into the future.

The format will be small group conversations where we can delve deeper into the options that were highlighted from the "dot prioritized" list at the last event. Some of the topics that people were excited about exploring further include: solar aquatics, food production, cafe/restaurant community space and micro businesses.

Your participation at this upcoming event will be greatly valued. We hope you'll join us.

Saturday May 25th 4-7pm at the Co-op Cafe
Pizza and Beverages will be provided.

Summer Plan for the Co-op Bakery & CaféBread Muncher

As we outlined in the last newsletter, the bakery/café performed quite well financially in its first full year of operation and, more importantly, it served a lot of good wholesome food!

We are now looking forward to the new opportunities that the summer brings, and we’re glad to give you our current plan for the coming sunny season. We are working on the details so feel free to share your opinions with us in the next couple weeks.

To read the article, please click here.

Updates from Your Board & Committees


It is coming up time for our Annual General Meeting, and we are looking forward to celebrating 10 years of service to the Cortes Island community as your Natural Food Co-op!

As the needs of the membership have grown and evolved over the years, so too the Co-op and Board have worked to meet those needs while keeping the Mission and Vision foremost in mind. We started as an organic food buying club in 2003 and progressed to leasing a store, which then expanded to an addition to the store and then a Café and we now hope to someday own the land we are based on.

As goals are met, new ideas and ambitions arise, which give us the opportunity and responsibility to examine how we govern the Co-op and what structures are in place to help guide and support those efforts while maintaining clear and open communication with the membership and the community at large. In the last 9 months, the Board has been examining the structures that exist to help facilitate its governance.

With the addition of a General Manager for the store and Café, we have realized that it is necessary to expand and improve our Board Policy to a more clear and comprehensive structure that meets the needs of more than the small association that we started with. We had two separate Board Development workshops this winter focussed on Policy Governance, Board Structure and Development to provide further training and tools, and we hope to make such training an ongoing part of Board education.

In our continuing efforts to facilitate and improve transparency and communication in our governance, starting in May we will be posting the minutes from each Board meeting, along with the next meeting time in the “Board News” section of the Member Centre. We will also begin posting the Co-op Newsletter in the Member Centre and providing paper copies in the store for those who are not currently receiving the E-news.

Starting in June, we would like to invite the membership to observe board meetings. There will be a comment period for the first 15 minutes of each meeting, when members may present any comments or concerns to the Board. Members are then welcome to observe the rest of the meeting. Following the general session, members will be then be excused to allow the Board to meet in Executive Session, where any confidential matters will be discussed.

The Board of Directors is elected to serve the membership, and we value your feedback, suggestions, critiques, and opinions because they inform and guide our decisions. Please let us know how we can serve you better.

In service, on behalf of the board,
Theresa Hargrave

Photo by Coreen Boucher AGM reminder!

Save the date to celebrate 10 years! 

Tuesday, June 25, at 6 p.m. in Mansons Hall. Stay tuned for more details!

Thank You!

A big thank you to the volunteers who came to the Co-op on Saturday, April 24, for the Spring Work Bee:

- Deva Braaten
- Madhurima Braaten
- Mark Braaten
- Mira Braaten
- Eva Boucek
- Jamal Hamou
- Eric Hargrave
- Esiana Hargrave
- Nathaniel Hargrave
- Theresa Hargrave
- Maria McKenty

They swept and washed the stairs to the main road, cleaned the back steps and back walkway, burned old wooden material collected in the Fall, began raking the cement pad to prepare for summer parking, primed and painted the hallway and two walls in the back store room, pruned the fruit trees and weeded and mulched the west bed in the courtyard. A special thanks to Madhurima and Maria for coordinating this event.

Co-op Wifi Hotspot

Unfortunately the Co-op is no longer able to absorb the cost of unlimited Internet usage without charging a usage fee; bandwidth charges from multiple people surfing the Internet in the cafe can rise significantly during the busy season.

After lengthy discussion (which commenced during the previous Board's stewardship and has continued among the present Board) we have come up with a plan that shares the costs between the Co-op and Internet users.

To learn more about the new charge starting June 1st, please visit this link.

Roses for Richard!!

RichardThe CNFC Board of Directors and general manager would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Richard Andrews for his significant volunteer and paid efforts for the Co-op! Richard has been actively involved in the Co-op for many years and his contributions would make a long list, so we'll just mention some recent highlights.

Read more > > >

The Co-op's New Member Centre

Our Member Centre is finally becoming a reality! Next to and around the window near the Bulk Foods you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather while:

- reading our Mission and Vision statement and the Rules of Association
- placing a pre-order
- reading the e-news
- getting updated information about Board minutes and upcoming meetings
- reading Septic System and Land Purchase updates
- putting a comment in the Suggestion Box

We hope to add a section on local and global food issues soon. Let us know what you think or if there is something missing you think should be there. Our Member Centre is another way for us to communicate about our Co-op with you.

Local Business Profile: Big D's Bees Honey

Big D'sBig D’s Bees Honey is a family owned and operated commercial Bee Keeping and Honey Distribution Company. In 2008, Daniel Ludwig (aka: Big D) started the company at the age of 22. Having dairy farming in his background, Daniel loved the land and what it provides for mankind. Honey bees are an essential part of our food source and being on Vancouver Island where our natural habitat is abundant and makes it a very unique honey producing area.

For the past eight years, Daniel has learned about the fascinating life of the Honey Bee and has applied all his energy to that cause. He studied beekeeping on the mainland and worked with a Bee Inspector for his practicum. Daniel attends seminars in BC and Canada to learn the newest information about honey bees and the best ways to have a successful business.

Big D's Currently with 500 hives, Daniel continues to expand his colonies and business. Vancouver Island is a protected area for honey bees, and considering the pristine environment and natural habitat for bees in the area, it is an exciting and stable occupation.

Big D’s Bees Honey produces Fireweed Honey, Blackberry Honey, Wildflower Honey, Creamy Honey and Creamy Cinnamon Honey, which are all sold at major grocery chains on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland along with Health Food Stores and Farmers Markets.

Daniel’s wife, Justine, works along side him doing marketing and distribution for the company. The couple was recently blessed with a daughter, Faith, a future Bee Keeper.

For more information about Big D’s Bees Honey, please visit our website. For a list of where you can purchase the honey check out the website and join the Facebook page for updates, videos and exciting news about Honey Bees and new varieties of honey that’ll be available.

Recipes for Locavores

Straciatella - Italian Egg Drop Soup with Baby Greens & Parmesan
Serves 4

Egg Drop Soup
With fresh greens from the garden and eggs from the farm, this simple soup is born. Straciatella is an Italian egg drop soup. Your stock is the important part of this soup, all your flavour depends on it.

Ideally, a good quality homemade chicken or vegetable stock, or we use a concentrated bouillon paste to help us in a pinch. Freshly grated parmesan adds of depth of flavour and orzo adds a chewy texture that compliments the silky ribbons of egg. Is it even necessary for us to suggest you eat this with a piece of garlic toast?

8 cups vegetable or chicken stock
pinch of chile flakes
1/2 cup orzo
4 large eggs
1 tsp arrowroot
2 tbsp water
pinch of nutmeg
1 cup grated parmesan
olive oil for garnish
salt and pepper
4 cups baby spinach (or kale, chard, beet tops . . .), roughly tornEgg Shells

In a large pot, bring stock to a simmer over medium heat and add chile flakes and orzo. Allow to cook for about 6 minutes until orzo is almost al dente.

Whisk together eggs, arrowroot and 2 tbsp water and slowly drizzle into stock, while stirring gently so the egg forms ribbons. Remove from heat and let stand until eggs are cooked through, about 1 minute. Stir in nutmeg and parmesan.

Divide spinach into 4 bowls and ladle hot soup on top. Drizzle with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

Cooks Cooperative.jpg
Cook's Cooperative is Moreka Jolar and Heidi Scheifley on Quadra Island. Follow the cooks at Ripple Rock Cooks.

Staff Picks!

TONICA Kombucha

Eric's Pick for MayTonica

Tonica is made in Canada! And Tonica is raw and made with 100% organic ingredients!

The probiotics contain acids and antioxidants that cleanse your liver. It is incredibly tasty without the strong aftertaste of other kombucha drinks.

When you consume a bottle of Tonica, you will only consume 5g of sugar and 45 calories.

Eric has this to say about his experience with Tonica: "Tonica is the best of the several kombuchas I've tried. It's not as sweet or fizzy as many of them - it's smooth and pleasant to drink. I would recommend it if you haven't tried Kombucha before." 

Learn more about this product > > >

DVDs at the Co-op

Everybody loves movie nights, so please return your movies on time.

Our fellow Co-op members are waiting for them, especially the new releases. You owe $1.00 per day per DVD for every late day. If you are not sure, ask the staff to check whether it's overdue. 

Midnight's Children

Midnight's Children: Directed by Deepa Mehta (who made the series Water, Fire, Earth) and based on Salman Rushdie's novel. At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, as India proclaims its independence, two newborn babies are switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. Official trailer > > >

Royal Affair

A Royal Affair: This Danish historical drama was nominated for an Oscar Best Foreign Film. The King of Denmark Christian VII was a cruel dolt who made his English wife, Carolyn, miserable until she fell in love with his wise and tender doctor.
Official trailer > > >

Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone: French-Belgian film starring Marion Cottillard. A struggling single father helps a beautiful whale trainer recover her will to live. Official trailer > > >


Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor Oscar for his role as Abraham Lincoln during his last 4 months, directed by Steven Spielberg. Official trailer > > >

Monster in Paris

A Monster in Paris: Animated family film with a great soundtrack. Official trailer > > >

Hot Links: Feed Your Mind!

Not quite the same as "hot cakes" and with less syrup, here are links that are suggested by members each month. 

If you find articles about co-ops, food politics & food security, local food & economies, etc., please share and email them in. 

Yes Magazine

The spring 2013 issue of Yes! magazine focuses on how co-operatives are driving the new economy. Thanks to Eric for these articles:

Why Unions are Going into the Co-op Business
Amy Dean, Yes!
Learn more >>>

From Housing to Healthcare, 7 Co-ops that are Changing our Economy
Claudia Rowe, Yes!
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To Build a Community Economy, Start With Solidarity
Abby Scher, Yes!
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Vancouver Island Politicians Vote to Ban GMOs
Luke Simcoe, Metro
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