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Local Fresh Produce Available NOW!

Spanish Onions
Green Beans

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our local farmers for feeding our bellies and our hearts this season. There is nothing more beautiful then the sight of abundant, local, freshly picked fruit & veggies gracing the Co-op's shelves.  Or, even better, the satisfaction of watching it fly off the shelves into eager member hands! 

If you have any surplus produce, consider selling at the Co-op. Call Tanya at 935-8577 for info.

Congratulations ChloŽ Gregg!

ChloŽ is the winner of our members-only draw and a gift basket valuing $100. You could win too! Every time you make a purchase over $25, place your name & phone number on the receipt and into the box and we'll draw a name at the end of each month. Thanks Cortes!

Member SPECIALS on now!

Nuts to You Organic Tahini - 250 g - $3.45 (reg. $4.30) Tasty hummus or dressings anyone?  Get your tahini quick at this super deal while supplies last.

Cashew Lara Bars - 48 g - $1.76+tx (reg.  2.20) - A gluten-free fruit and nut energy.  Simple and delicious.

Camino Chocolate - 40 g - $1.95+tx (reg. $2.85) -  In three flavours - Matcha Green Tea, Cranberries & Almonds, Panama Dark.  mmm...cho-co-late.

New:  New Chapter Supplements (A staff fav!)

All New Chapter vitamins and minerals are cultured in organic soy using nature's most prized and studied probiotics, featuring Lactobacilli acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. They are therefore highly digestable, even on an empty stomach!  Visit the Co-op's website to learn more about the 3 products we are currently carrying: New Chapter Wholemega Fish Oil, Every Woman's One Daily, and Coenzyme B Food Complex.

Boost Your Immune System this Fall  

By Jeanette Aditi Holden MA, ND

Coming into fall season and returning to indoor activities is a good time to boost your family’s immune system .... making sure you can smile through the seasonal colds and flus... or least avoid being knocked out right when they pass through your family home.

Supporting your immune system always means less refined sugars and processed foods and more whole foods and vegetables. Fall and rainy weather can call for big pots of hearty soups and stews to keep your insides warm. So, when spicing up your foods- be sure to mince up raw garlic (highly antibacterial when raw, also considered to be anti-viral, anti-parasite, anti-fungal and overall supportive to the immune system). Also, add in onions and oregano, which have similar properties. Other spices known to support the body in dealing with different bacteria are: thyme, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, sage and rosemary.  Read more>>>

Raw Recipe:  Stuffed Mushrooms

By Tanya Krahn

Pull the stems off 12 crimini mushrooms.
Marinate in 2 tbs namo shoyu (raw soy sauce available at the co-op), half a lemon squeezed and 1 tbls olive oil for 1 to 24 hours.

Process together the following:
11/2 cup pine nuts
2 tbls hemp seeds
2 tbls dried kelp seaweed flakes (available at the co-op)
ground pepper
1 clove garlic crushed

Now what? Visit our website to view the whole recipe:) 

Local Profile: Cortes Creations Natural Healing Skincare

Hand-made by Roanne Nelson, Cortes Creations Natural Healing Skincare products are prepared in small batches using organic locally grown and wild crafted plants and herbs. The plants are infused in extra virgin olive oil to extract their healing properties, and then gently combined with pure beeswax, vitamin E as a natural preservative, plant butters and essential oils. Everything is free of artificial colours, scents, and preservatives. 

All of these wonderful products are available at the Co-op:

Plant Spirit Healing Salve for healing of wounds, burns, rashes, bites, cold sores
Arnica Muscle and Joint Salve for the relief of muscle and joint pain, swelling and bruising.
Bug Off! repels insects while moisturizing skin.
Healing Stick is portable healing for minor skin irritations, cuts and bug bites
Healing Lip Balm soothes and moisturizes in six flavours, including the newest, natural unflavoured.

Bulk-Ordering Online??? -- WOW! 

CNFC is getting more techy then we ever believed possible!  

You can now do your bulk-ordering from the comfort of your home computer. This is a community service provided to members only.  Visit our website here to get started. 

New DVDs at the Coop!

Click here to check out an extensive list of recently added movies including short descriptions. Click here to download a printable pdf of the list. 

Some new and recommended DVDs available for rent:
Temple Grandin: winner of 5 Emmy Awards: Best Actress Claire Danes, Best Made-for-TV Movie, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor & Actress
The Runaways: starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in bio-pic about a 1970s all-girl teen rock and roll band.
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo: Swedish adaptation of the book. Choice of subtitles or a good English dubbed soundtrack. Some disturbing scenes.
The Last Station: Tolstoy's tumultuous relationship with his wife and his devotees towards the end of his life, starring Christopher Plummer
Creation: Paul Bettany plays Charles Darwin who is conflicted about whether to publish On the Origin of Species, caught between the scientists who insist that he has "killed God" and the religious conservatives, including his wife Emma (Jennifer Connelly).
Lost Season 6 The Final Season

Articles of Interest

Fraser River sockeye run biggest since 1913
By Andy Ivens, The Province
This year's Fraser River sockeye salmon run is the largest in nearly a century.
The Fraser River panel of the Pacific Salmon Commission announced Tuesday it expects 25 million sockeye will return to the Fraser and its tributaries -- the most since 1913.

Canola Oil is a Classic Example of Food Fraud
By Paul Fassa, NaturalNews.com
Remember margarine? That was touted as healthier than butter several years ago. Though many have since caught on to that lie, it still persists somewhat. Margarine is as healthy as melted plastic. But it sure is cheap to produce! That was then, this is now. Could Canola oil's health claims compare with margarine's fraud?  Read more>>>.